“Sports do not build character. They reveal it” – was rightly said by Heywood Hale Broun.

The Principal and the lectures of PRESTIGE PU COLLEGE got to see the better side of students when they exhibited their sports man spirit.

“Did we all know what our favourite part of the game is? It’s nothing but the opportunity to play!!”On 20th January I and II PUC students had an opportunity to showcase their skills and participate in the sports day organised by the College. The inauguration was done by P U Principal, Ms. Sindhu Sedhu who started the events of the day with the game of cricket. The badminton competition was started with a friendly game between our CBSE Principal Ms Feroza Fayaaz and Admin Manager Ms Reshma Shetty. Girls’ team continued with games such as Lagori and Throw ball and the events for boys included Kabaddi, Cricket and Football. The day came to an end with a game of Tug of war for both the girls and boys teams.

Overall championship was won by II PU Science batch. A special thanks to School Physical Education Trainers Mr Nagaraj Kharvi and Ms Sowmya for their support and guidance. In the end the Principal congratulated all the staff and students for their willingness and hard work as a team. She thanked everyone for the spirit shown by them and for being a part of joyous and memorable day at PRESTIGE.